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Current educational trends show the need for more alignment between local, state, and national curriculum. Allen Bowden strives to incorporate the national and state goals into our core curriculum. Our goal is 95% of our students to score above a satisfactory level and to be proficient in all academic areas.
The Mission of Allen Bowden School is to provide the best educational opportunities for students to succeed in an ever-changing world where adequacy is no longer sufficient. Excellence in teaching and commitment to education by staff members will help prepare students academically upon leaving Allen Bowden. We aim to build an atmosphere for learning, which provides our students an opportunity to develop the self-esteem and skills to continue educational growth.

Early Childhood Center

PK - 3rd Grade
The principal's office is here.
Reading Intervention is here.
Check-In/Check-Out is here.

Middle School

4th & 5th Grade
Indian Education is here.
Speech Pathology is here.

Junior High

6th Grade - 8th Grade
The special education director is here.
The school counselor is here.

Media Center

PK - 8th Grade
The technology director's office is here.
The building serves as the campus safe room.
The library is here.
EL is here.